List of legal formsList of legal forms
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CodeLegal form
101 Unincorporated natural person
102 Incorporated natural person
104 Incorporated private farmer
105 Unincorporated natural person - freelancer
106 Incorporated natural person - freelancer
107 Agricultural entrepreneur - natural person
111 Public trading company
112 Limited liability company
113 Societe commandite
115 Joint venture
116 Special-interest association
117 Endowment
118 Endowment fund
121 Joint stock company
141 Common good society
145 Association of unit owners
151 Commodity exchange
161 Institute
201 Agricultural cooperative
205 Cooperative
211 Cooperative agricultural holding
231 Producer cooperative
232 Consumer cooperative
233 Housing cooperative
234 Other cooperative
241 Cooperative enterprise (one founder)
242 Joint venture (more founders)
251 Special-interest organization of cooperatives
261 Joint special-interest organization of cooperatives
301 State-owned enterprise
312 Bank - state financial institution
313 Czech National Bank
325 Organizational units of the state
326 Permanent Court of Arbitration
331 Semibudgetary organization
343 Municipal enterprise
352 Czech Railways
353 The Council for Public Audit Supervision
361 Charitable institution
381 Fund (of national property, land)
391 Health insurance company
401 Association of international trade
411 Enterprise with foreign capital participation
421 Branch of foreign legal entity
422 An organizational unit of a foreign Endowment Fund
423 An organizational unit of a foreign foundation
424 Foreign natural person
425 Branch of foreign natural person
426 Representation of a foreign bank
442 Special organization of external trade
501 Subsidiary establishment or other organizational unit of an incorporated enterprise
521 Independent small shop of municipal authority
531 Regional organizational unit of the Czech Railways
532 Special organizational unit of the Czech Railways
533 Specialized organizational unit of the Czech Railways
541 Shares fund
601 Higher education institution
621 Basic school
625 School establishment
631 Pre-school establishment
641 School legal entity
651 Health establishment
661 Public research institution
701 Association (league, union, society, club, etc.)
704 Special organization for representation of Czech interests in international non governmental organizations
705 Enterprise or economic establishment of an association
706 Society
707 Trade union
708 Employers\' organizations
711 Political party, political movement
715 Enterprise or economic establishment of a political party
721 Church organization
722 Registered religions legal entities
723 Associations churches and religions societies
731 Organizational unit of an association
732 Organizational unit of a political party, political movement
733 An organizational unit of a trade union and employers\' organizations
734 An organizational unit of a special organization for representation of Czech interests in international non governmental organizations
736 Branch of society
741 Professional organization - professional chamber
745 Chamber excluding professional chambers
751 Special-interest association of legal entities
761 Hunting community
771 Microregion
801 Municipality (municipal authority)
804 The Region and Capital City
805 Regional council of cohesion region
901 Representative authority of other countries
906 Foreign society
907 International trade union organization
908 International Organization of Employers
911 Foreign cultural or information centre, radio, press or television agency
921 International organizations and associations
922 Organizational unit of International non governmental organization
931 European Economic Interest Group
932 European company (SE)
933 European Cooperative Society
936 Foreign branch of society
941 European grouping of territorial cooperation (EGTC)
950 Organization not explicitly defined by legal order
952 European Research Infrastructure Consortium
960 Legal unit established by a special law listed in a public register
Number of legal forms : 103