ARES - DescriptionARES - Description

Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities

ARES is an information system giving the user quick and easy access to public data concerning economic entities kept in information systems (source registers) of public administration. ARES contains not only the data from basic (major) sources but also the additional data from further sources, which are available through references. Besides, the control sources are used in the data processing.

Description of sources and applications:

Major sources
Other sources

Control source

Update of the data accessible via ARES depends on potentialities and facilities of particular information systems belonging to source registers. The aim is to have up-to-date information. Until the said aim is accomplished, the users are recommended that they check the date of update in particular sources.

If the subject is a member of the group authorised under Section 5a of the Act on Value Added Tax, No. 235/2004 Coll., it is necessary to search for the data directly within the Register of VAT Payers according to the VAT identification number assigned. The group authorised under the section mentioned above is not considered an economic entity, and does not have a separate legal identity. For that reason, it cannot be listed separately in ARES. Such a group is considered only a separate person liable to VAT.

There is an information about the reliability of the VAT payer in the Register of VAT Payers from January 1, 2013. Information is available on the website of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic.

All the data accessible through ARES is of informative character only. Therefore, the data outputs cannot be used as evidential documents for legal proceedings nor is it possible to claim for damage arising from use of that.

In accordance with an amendment to the Commercial Code with effect from 1 January 2012 and whereas personal ID number is sensitive information, personal ID numbers are not be published in ARES. Personal ID numbers are not displayed and searching by personal ID numbers is not enabled.

The Ministry of Finance cannot be held accountable for the way, in which the data from the ARES database is used, eventually interpreted, by other portals or systems. Not even if these present the information on economic entities as a reference to ARES.

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