XML service in ARESXML service in ARES
  1. Introduction
  2. Interface description
  3. Access by means of GET method
  4. Access by means of POST method

1. Introduction

As a part of the ARES Information System, the XML interface offers a search for an entity so as to make the entity's data in the source registers available to the public. Everybody can take advantage of XML Service providing they observe operating conditions. The number of queries permitted for one user per day is limited. It is supposed that between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. the number of queries increases. For that reason, the limit on the number of queries is stricter for the said period of time. The limits for the day and night operation are stated in operating conditions.

In special case, if you need to use the ARES XML Service in an extremely large extent, you can:

  1. apply for an increase in the limit at ares@mfcr.cz at the Ministry of finance, and enclose the anticipated number of queries,
  2. submit the list of IP addresses making use of the XML service in question,
  3. give the contact e-mail addresses for emergencies.

The relevant technical documentation is available on request at ares@mfcr.cz.

2. Interface description

A description of schemata is available at this address. For download - click on ares.gz in the second row therein (unpack, for example, via WinZip).

Description of the XML elements can be seen from the XML Schemas.

3. Access by means of GET method

The following survey offers a list of applications providing you the data from ARES in the XML format; this applies to queries posed via GET method, without need for a digital signature. The name of service presents an example of a query clause in this service.

Notes and recommendations

4. Access by means of POST method

For the following services, it is possible to use computerized access via POST method (the application is available at this address).

The maximal number of elements <Dotaz> is restricted to the value 100 in a request.

  • A standard query: Standard
  • A basic output from more registers: Basic
  • Commercial Register: Vypis_OR
  • Commercial Register: Vypis_VR
  • Data output from the Trade Register: Vypis_RZP
  • Data output from the statistical register RES: Vypis_RES
  • A query for a list of entity's registrations in the registers CR, RES and TR: Seznam_Reg
  • Address standardization: Stdadr
  • List of changes in economic entities: zm
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