Additional information to the service of BasicAdditional information to the service of Basic


obligatory parameter:


Other parameters:

xml =0 - xml (default value)
=1 - html, transformation performed in browser on user's PC
=2 - html, transformation from xml performed on server
jazyk - defines the text of html pages
=cz - html in Czech (default value)
=en - html in English
ver - defines the xml output version (For details see Notes and recommendations)
=1.0.3 - economy-sized xml with element names in abbreviations (default value)
=1.0.2 - version with full names of the elements
aktivni - defines the entity's ouput according to its activity
=true - output available only for an active entity (default value)
=false - output available even for a defunct entity (deregistration)
adr_puv - extends data output by an element Adr_puv containing the original address from the data source without the process of address standardization. (For details of the output address elements see Output.)
=true - data output including the element Adr_puv
=false - data output without the element Adr_puv (default value)


The Basic service displays basic information selected from more source registers. The basic data (Reg.No., Business name, Legal form, Address) comes from the ARES core, i.e. from one of the sources defined as a priority source for the entity. The entity's Date of establishment and Date of termination come also from the priority source. Some elements contain information on the source from which the data comes.

The element Datum_vzniku contains the date the meaning of which may differ in dependence on a type of the register. In the sources RES, RCRS the said element contains the entity's Date of establishment or Date of registration, in CR it means Record date, in TR it means the date of registration of the first trade. The same it is with the element Datum_zaniku when in CR it means the date of entity's deletion from CR. To gain information on the entity's date of establishment or termination in individual source registers, use the option A query for a list of entity's registrations in the source registers (Seznam_Reg service).

The element Adresa_ARES contains the address of the entity, which is standardized on the basis of data from RUIAN(i.e. improved names of the streets, completed numbers of houses, postcodes improved on the basis of RUIAN data;if the address of the entity is not assign unambiguously to the address in RUIAN, it would not be standardized).The element Adresa_UIR contains the data from the RUIAN register.

The element Adr_puv (it is written only if the parameter adr_puv=true is used) contains information of address of entity as it is written in the data source (before the process of standardization is used).

Note: The data sources give the address in different ways. Some give it in the text, some in address codes only, some give it structured and some unstructured. The output element Adr_puv contains the address, if possible, structured, text data remains unchanged and any address codes are replaced with texts according to the dials of appropriate source. The address of the element Adr_puv enters into the process of address standardization during data processing in ARES. The address standardization creates the standardized address contained in the element Adresa_ARES.

Other information on an entity:
In addition to basic data concerning the entity, the Basic service displays further information specific for individual sources, for example, registration authorities, wording of trade authorisations, scope of business activity, CZ-NACE, statistical information.

As a part of the output you can find a list of entity's registrations in individual source registers. This information is included in the element Priznaky_subjektu together with an indication whether the given registration is valid or defunct.

The letters in the element mean:

Avalid registration
Zdefunct registration
Sin position No. 6, it indicates a Group VAT Registration
Pin position No. 15, it indicates suspension of the activity
Ein position No. 22, it indicates that a record concerning the economic entity occurs in the Insolvency Register. Please, pay special attention to the state of the proceedings!
N (or some other character)not found in registration

Note: >: Some other "service" characters can occur. All of them should be considered as "N" character.

Individual positions in the element indicate that:

2the entity exists in the Commercial Register
3the entity exists in the Statistical Register of Economic Subjects
4the entity exists in the Trade Register
5the entity exists in the Register of Health Service Institutions
6the entity exists in the Register of VAT Payers
7the entity exists in the Register of Excise Duty Payers
9the entity exists in the Central Register of Bankrupts - bankruptcy
10the entity exists in the Central Register of Bankrupts - compositions
11the entity exists in the Central Register of State Subsidies
12the entity exists in the Special register of organisations in the ARIS system
14the entity exists in the Register of Church and Religious Institutions
15the entity exists in the Register of Political Parties and Movements
20the entity exists in the List of Civic Associations, Guilds and Clubs
21the entity exists in the Common Agricultural Register
22the entity exists in the Insolvency Register
23the entity exists in the Register of Schools and School Facilities
24 - 30reserved