Additional information to the service of Economic entitiesAdditional information to the service of Economic entities
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Note: It is not necessary to specify the unfilled parameters. The parameter values shall be entered to the extent permitted by the Entry Form, see Help. Especially, when using the computerized XML inquiries, please be particular about entering the valid and meaningful parameters. Failing this, the user's access to ARES IS could be made impossible.


obch_jmBusiness name. We do not recommend you to use the following characters: * ? & %
icoReg.No. (Reg.No. specification makes other search criteria redundant.)
obecTown name
k_fuTax Office code
maxpocMaximum number of entities displayed. Permitted values: 200, 500, 1000.
uliceStreet name in address (The Street parameter requires the Town parameter to be entered.)
cis_orSequence number in address
cis_poLand-registry number in address (Together with House No. enter at least one of the parameters: Town, Business name.)
setridAn order of the displayed entities can be as follows:
=ZADNE - unsorted
=ICO - sorted by Reg.No.
=OBEC - sorted by Town
=OBCHJM - sorted by Business name
pr_forCode of the legal form
nace the classification of CZ-NACE can contain the letter or a maximum five-digit numeric code (from the code list at the Czech Statistical Office).
xml =0 - output in xml
=1 - output in html, transformation performed in browser on user's PC
=2 - output in html, transformation from xml performed on server
filtrfiltering the output of entities already selected
=0 - all selected entities displayed
=1 - only active entities displayed
=2 - only defunct entities displayed
jazyk =cz - html in Czech
=en - html in English
cestina=cestina - Business name is entered with diacritical marks
(in the entry form: Diacritics: ceska), without this parameter (i.e., Diacritics: ASCII) no diacritical marks are assumed to be in Business name
Note: Output filtering starts AFTER THE SELECTION of entities matching the search criteria! If the number of entities selected before filtering exceeds the maxpoc, an error message appears, even in case that the number of entities after filtering complies with maxpoc!