Additional information to the service of Register of SchoolsAdditional information to the service of Register of Schools


obligatory parameter:



ico - Reg.No. is an identification number under which the entity is registered in the Register of Schools. The parameter is numerical, its maximum length is 8 digits. There is no need to enter the leading zeroes.
xml =0 - xml (default value)
=1 - html, transformation performed in browser on user's PC
=2 - html, transformation from xml performed on server
jazyk - defines the text of html pages
=cz - html in Czech (default value)
=en - html in English
ver - defines the xml output version (For details see Notes and recommendations)
=1.0.5 - economy-sized xml with element names in abbreviations (default value)
=1.0.4 - version with full names of the elements


The RS service displays information selected from the Register of Schools and School Facilities kept by the Ministry of education, youth and sports of the CR.