Additional information to the service of Address standardizationAdditional information to the service of Address standardization

The Address standardization makes sense only for addresses within the Czech Republic.

Example URL:
Note: It is not necessary to specify the unfilled parameters.


krajRegion code or Region name
pobvodPrague's district code or Prague's district name
okresDistrict code or District name
obecTown code or Town name
uliceStreet code or Street name
mestska_castTown district code or Town district name
cast_obceResidential area code or Residential area name
cislo_do_adresyLand-registry number or Sequence number or both of them separated by slash
adresa_textem Unstructured address, i.e., an address in a form of unstructured text.
Praha, Podvinny mlyn 2178
Podvinny mlyn 2178, Praha
Podvinny mlyn 2178, Praha, 19000

  • Please, separate the particular address parts by commas
  • do not place a comma between a street and land-registry number
  • the number separated by comma is regarded as a postcode
  • if the address is entered without separating commas, it has almost no chance to be found, see:
    a wrong entry: Praha Podvinny mlyn 2178
max_pocetMaximum number of addresses displayed. Permitted values: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100.
xml =0 - output in xml
=1 - output in html, transformation performed in browser on user's PC
=2 - output in html, transformation from xml performed on server
jazyk =cz - html in Czech
=en - html in English
typ=A - option activation "Convenient addresses"
redukce=A - option activation "Word omission"
cestina=A - option activation "Diacritics"