Additional information to the service of ARES updatingAdditional information to the service of ARES updating




cislo_zdroje - a code of the source register from which the batch selection is required
=2 - CR
=4 - TR
cislo_davky_od - starting batch number (if minus, error message appears containing a range of valid batch numbers concerning the relevant source)
cislo_davky_do - end batch number (optional parameter, if empty, it is automatically completed by the batch number of the last batch released from the relevant source)


The service of ARES updating displays information on changes in ARES data. Every day after the update, a change batch is released from the relevant source. Each batch is displayed approximately for 1 month and then it is deleted. The list of changes of the economic entities is unique. It means that if the change of the economic entity in one source was executed gradually in several change batches, the output file contains only the final change.

The batches are numbered in ascending order from 1 by 1. In case that a new version of ARES arises, the new ARES core and the old ARES core are processed simultaneously for several days. It means that several last batches of the old core overlap with the first batches of the new core. We recommend you to download all batches from number 1. By doing so you will not miss any of the changes.

The element D:Zadani contains information on the selected batch (batches) together with a detailed description of particular types of changes. In case of error output, the element contains information on a range of all valid batches released from the relevant source, without the description of particular types of changes.

The element D:S contains a unique list of Reg.No.s together with the types of changes of particular economic entities.


Please, be aware that a problem can occur in case of a large amount of data to be displayed.

According to our experience, some Internet browsers fail in displaying too many batches of data at a time. If it occurs, we highly recommend that smaller number of batches or just single batches should be displayed simultaneously. It can also be helpful to use XML service.

If you intend to use the displayed data for further work, we advise you to save the xml document via "File" -> "Save as ...".

The application does not allow you to display more than 50 000 records simultaneously. In fact, the data selection is executed in 20 seconds at the server of the Ministry of Finance, but the data displaying in a browser can take much more time.

In the List of existing change batches (showing when batch number is invalid or does not exist) is displayed information on the number of changes in individual batches that are available. In order to accelerate, all changes are listed regardless of the uniqueness of entity in this List. Entities are displayed only once (with the last type of change) in individual change batches, therefore real number of changes in particular batch can be less then number displayed in the List. K teto situaci dochazi zejmena ve VR.