Tax Offices - Karlovarsky kraj
Tax Offices - Karlovarsky kraj

In case of data inconsistency in the Register of VAT Payers, please contact the locally competent Tax Office according to the table enclosed.

NumberName of TOAddress
123Uzemni pracoviste v ChebuHalkova 32, Cheb, 35002
124Uzemni pracoviste v AsiKarlova 13, As, 35201
125Uzemni pracoviste v Marianskych LaznichHlavni 661/140, Marianske Lazne, 35301
128Uzemni pracoviste v Karlovych VarechZapadni 19, Karlovy Vary, 36001
129Uzemni pracoviste v OstroveKlinovecka 998, Ostrov, 36301
155Uzemni pracoviste v SokoloveRuzove namesti 1629, Sokolov, 35601
157Uzemni pracoviste v KraslicichPalackeho 1891, Kraslice, 35801
455Financni urad pro Karlovarsky krajZapadni 19, Karlovy Vary, 36113