Tax Offices - Ustecky kraj
Tax Offices - Ustecky kraj

In case of data inconsistency in the Register of VAT Payers, please contact the locally competent Tax Office according to the table enclosed.

NumberName of TOAddress
178Uzemni pracoviste v DecineRetezova 1369/2a, Decin, 40539
179Uzemni pracoviste v RumburkuFrantiska Nohy 2, Rumburk, 40801
182Uzemni pracoviste v ChomutoveBachmacska 1617, Chomutov, 43001
183Uzemni pracoviste v KadaniMirove namesti 86, Kadan, 43201
196Uzemni pracoviste v LitomericichMasarykova 2000, Litomerice, 41201
197Uzemni pracoviste v LibochovicichNam. 5.kvetna 50, Libochovice, 41117
198Uzemni pracoviste v Roudnici nad LabemKarlovo namesti 18, Roudnice Nad Labem, 41301
201Uzemni pracoviste v LounechRybalkova 2376, Louny, 44068
202Uzemni pracoviste v PodboranechMasarykovo namesti 733, Podborany, 44101
203Uzemni pracoviste v ZatciSmetanovo namesti 1017, Zatec, 43801
206Uzemni pracoviste v Moste2.namesti 3300,P.O.BOX 59, Most, 43401
207Uzemni pracoviste v LitvinoveU Zameckeho parku 948, Litvinov, 43601
210Uzemni pracoviste v TeplicichDlouha 42, Teplice, 41501
211Uzemni pracoviste v BilineZizkovo namesti 61, Bilina, 41801
214Uzemni pracoviste v Usti nad LabemDlouha 3359, Usti Nad Labem-Mesto, 40021
456Financni urad pro Ustecky krajVelka hradebni 39/61, Usti Nad Labem-Mesto, 40021