Trades Licensing Offices - Pardubicky kraj
Trades Licensing Offices - Pardubicky kraj

In case of data inconsistency in the Trade Register, please contact the locally competent Trades Licensing Office (TLO) according to the table enclosed.

NumberName of TLOAddressWWW
310900Krajsky urad Pardubickeho krajeKomenskeho namesti 125, Pardubice,
360301Mestsky urad HlinskoPodebradovo namesti 1, Hlinsko,
360304Mestsky urad ChrudimResselovo namesti 77, Chrudim,
360601Magistrat mesta PardubicPernstynske namesti 1, Pardubice,
360603Mestsky urad PreloucMasarykovo namesti 25, Prelouc,
360604Mestsky urad HoliceHolubova 1, Holice,
360901Mestsky urad SvitavyT.G.Masaryka 25, Svitavy,
360902Mestsky urad PolickaPalackeho namesti 160, Policka,
360903Mestsky urad LitomyslBratri Stastnych 1000, Litomysl,
360960Mestsky urad Moravska Trebovanamesti T.G.Masaryka 29, Moravska Trebova,
361101Mestsky urad Usti nad OrliciSychrova 16, Usti nad Orlici,
361102Mestsky urad Ceska TrebovaStare namesti 78, Ceska Trebova,
361105Mestsky urad KralikyVelke namesti 5, Kraliky,
361106Mestsky urad Lanskrounnamesti J.M.Marku 5, Lanskroun,
361108Mestsky urad Vysoke MytoB.Smetany 92, Vysoke Myto,
361109Mestsky urad ZamberkMasarykovo namesti 166, Zamberk,