Trades Licensing Offices - Ustecky kraj
Trades Licensing Offices - Ustecky kraj

In case of data inconsistency in the Trade Register, please contact the locally competent Trades Licensing Office (TLO) according to the table enclosed.

NumberName of TLOAddressWWW
310600Krajsky urad Usteckeho krajeVelka hradebni 48, Usti nad Labem,
350201Magistrat mesta DecinMirove namesti 1175/5, Decin 4,
350202Mestsky urad Rumburk9. kvetna 1366/48, Rumburk,
350206Mestsky urad VarnsdorfMelantrichova 1272, Varnsdorf,
350302Magistrat mesta ChomutovaZborovska 4602, Chomutov,
350304Mestsky urad KadanMirove namesti 1, Kadan,
350601Mestsky urad LitomericeMirove namesti 15/7, Litomerice,
350602Mestsky urad Roudnice nad LabemKarlovo namesti 21, Roudnice nad Labem,
350603Mestsky urad LovosiceSkolni 2, Lovosice,
350701Mestsky urad LounyPod nemocnici 2380, Louny,
350702Mestsky urad ZatecNamesti Svobody 1, Zatec,
350703Mestsky urad PodboranyMirova 615, Podborany,
350801Magistrat mesta MostRadnicni 1, Most,
350802Mestsky urad LitvinovVodni 871, Litvinov,
350901Magistrat mesta TepliceNamesti Svobody 2, Teplice,
350902Mestsky urad BilinaBrezanska 50/4, Bilina,
351001Magistrat mesta Usti nad LabemVelka hradebni 8, Usti nad Labem,