Operating conditionsOperating conditions

The purpose of the ARES web sites of the Ministry of Finance is to provide a single-point access to all data concerning economic entities kept in particular registers or maintained in files of the state administration. ARES provides an easy access to the data transferred from the source registers to the ARES database. It allows also to switch directly to www applications of the state administration bodies provided that such applications already exist.

All the data available through ARES is for information only, therefore any copies (made through ARES) cannot be used as documents for official purposes.

Considering the nature of the ARES application, the Ministry of Finance cannot be held accountable for completeness and accuracy of the ARES database, nor can they be accountable for uninterrupted operation of the Internet applications allowing access to data kept in information systems of the source registers. The Ministry of Finance is not accountable for damage arising from a use of the data obtained via the ARES application.

It is the purpose of this application to provide users a high-speed and publicly accessible information on entities. Therefore, no restrictions on access to the ARES www applicationexist for current users. With respect to the nature of the ARES operation as well as to its security, the Ministry of Finance reserves the right to restrict or remove a user's access to those that:

When using the computerized XML inquiries, please be particular about entering valid and meaningful parameters. Failing this, the user's access to the ARES Information System could be made impossible.

In the event that your access to ARES is restricted, please contact the Ministry of Finance to be informed of the options available to you to have the access reinstated.

Department of Information Technology
Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic